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Press Emergency button when you are in trouble
Emergency strikes anyone, anywhere. A symptom can never be ignored & needs immediate attention. Now with OneZoey, do not worry about fumbling through the contacts to find the right help at the time of emergency – just press the SOS button and we will connect you with your nearest Complete Hospital. You just stay put and the hospital will arrive at your location with complete emergency care.
Live Health Tracker
Stay up-to-date with your Health
With OneZoey, you can now connect with Google Fit, Apple Health Kit and other wearable devices to track your health information at one place. Co-relate and get your consultant’s advice anytime!
Consult with doctor in just 3 steps
Do you often forget to inform your doctor of minute details during your visit? Are you often confused with your reports and current condition a few days after your visit? We understand your world! Get connected with your doctor on OneZoey.
see how it works
See how OneZoey works
OneZoey essentially reiterates the fact of Onelife and works in the direction of elongating and enriching the human life. Good Health is of utmost importance if you wish to make maximum of your life. Check the Video to see what we do.
For Doctor
OneZoey is Your one step practise management tool.
For Institutes
Click Here to be Part of OneZoey Network Institute.
Safety & Security
OneZoey uses high level of security and encryption.
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