About us
Magical Realism is defined as what happens when a highly detailed, realisting setting is invaded by something TOO STRANGE TO BELIEVE.
Many strange discoveries have happened during awkward movements of life, many of them during the necessities and some when an individual wanted an answer to a real life problem very desperately. OneZoey fits them all. So there I was holding the idea, Next I needed was someone to have faith In my belief and someone to turn in into the product that we call OneZoey today.
About OneZoey
A very uniquely designed Health tool, which works very smartly in the space of Health and Wellness for all Preventive, curative and emergency purposes. OneZoey is an Android/ IOS based, GPS Enabled Application/essentially creating a Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem where All The Human Life in Distress (Patient /User) & The Life Savers (Right Doctor/Right Institute) are seamlessly connected with each other at Just A Click
To be the largest HealthCare provider of India.
H2A HealthCare Private Limited is a Venture incorporated with vision of Disrupting the HealthCare Delivery System in India and bring about the digital revolution.
OneZoey means one life. We are here to bring products and technology which enrich and elongate the Human life.
Why the name OneZoey!
It is in our corpuscles that we want to enrich and elongate the human life, but there is simply no point in just adding years in it. These years need to be without any ailments so we can fully enjoy them. Zoey means Life in Hebrew, OneZoey simply means OneLife. With this we want to communicate to every life we touch that you have only one life, make it worth by living it healthy.
Our Logo Story
Yes we Know, but Our Logo is a documentary in itself. Our Logo comprises of few very important and sacred signs
1. Ankh ( Rune of Life )
2. Location Tag
3. The Round Globe of World
4. The Electrocardiogram
5. Z of Zoey
Onezoey-One life
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