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Can I Edit my profile?
Yes Doctor, OneZoey's unique user-friendly UI allows you to edit your profile instantly, you can add multiple degrees, certificates, achievements and accolades on the go and they will be immediately available for all your patients to view and appreciate. Your mobile number is important part of your account; hence in case you are changing your mobile number, please get in touch with our customer care center to help you further.
What is my QR Code and How to Use it?
Your QR code is your unique identification which is exclusive to you only. You can now connect with your patients without sharing your mobile number by simple scanning of the QR code; you can display your QR code at your place of practice and simply ask the Patient to scan it with OneZoey patient application. If you find any difficulty with connecting with your patient via QR code, reach us and we will immediately assist you.
I see Tag and Notes when my patient connects with me, how to use it?
Like in our day today practice we use various codes for identifying the problem with the patients, Tags is your personalized code system. You can add tags for each patient who connects to you, this will help you categorize your patient better, conduct evidence based treatment method and see outcome for the particular group of patients.
Notes is a simple reminder sticky note, you can use to add critical information about your patient that will be helpful for you to remember the patient and treat him/ her better.
I have completed my profile but I am not able to add any patient, what do I do?
Our Tech team is working round the clock to verify all the doctors coming on our platform and make sure they are live as soon as possible, sometimes due to network problem or mismatch of information it is possible that your profile may remain inactive, this be the scenario, you are requested to reach our support team, we will immediately assist you. To avoid any complications please provide correct information.
What Is E-Consultation?
E-Consultation is need of hour , how often in your practice you have encountered the patient and relatives keep getting in touch with you post consultation or discharge about various health concerns, these are the times you are obliged to give free advise without much evidence and also there is no way to record this. With E –Consultation your patients who are in genuine need of follow up in wee hours can reach out to you by paying your consultation fees , you can chat with the patient about his/ her conditions , look at the past details added by you to give better advise at the same time and keep record of advice given by you.
The E –consultation is never a replacement of your in person consultation, and we request you to refrain from giving any advice if you are not sure about patient conditions. The E-Consultation is for follow up patients, known patients and for chronic patients to manage their health.
What is E–Consultation fees? Who decides it?
E-Consultation fees is, charges fixed by you for your patient to get your medical advice. You decide your consultation fees. We request you to keep your e-consultation charges around the follow up charge you take, this will prompt the patient to consult you more often and increase your visibility.
Can a patient consult with me free?
No, we value your time and advice; hence no patient can conduct a free consultation with you. The patient first will have to refill their wallet using very simple payment gateway. The patient cannot begin the consultation without paying the consultation amount desired by you.
But, you have authority to return the consultation fees, at any moment if you feel, you do not wish to charge consultation fees, you can choose to refund and the patient will receive the fees back.
E-Consultation Time, what is the significance of it?
Now, we understand your busy schedule, so we have come up with solution like OPD timing, you can set E-Consultation time as well, patient will be able to approach you during any time of the day but you can always maintain your schedule, patient will be made aware about particular timing and availability.
Can I earn money on OneZoey?
For every e-consultation done by you on OneZoey, the patient will be charged your desired consultation fees, OneZoey will deduct 15% of platform fees from the consultation fees charged and remit the remaining amount in your given account number. Disbursement of payment will happen once in fifteen days.
What is Ratings on my profile?
To constantly ensure the quality of care on our platform, the users are allowed to rate your services just by using stars, the default star rating is given to you by OneZoey, with passing time , you can become a brand and be found as most desired on various search engines with this rating.
What is My Post?
As a doctor you enjoy Eureka moments every day, be it a specific way of doing a surgery or way of treating a disease or a happy patient, we want you to share your expertise and excellence to all your patients sitting at your clinic. Now you don’t have to promote your achievements and accolades by spending in media, you can daily update advises, tip, seasonal activities, blogs etc by using my post.
You can target the blog for specific patients or send it to all at just a click, what’s more, if you really want the whole user base of OneZoey to read it , you can choose to publish the same. Our quality team after due diligence will publish your post on OneZoey platform without any cost.
Now don’t wait to announce your availability, your vacation, camps, and health talks and about anything related to your practice and in no time you will reach your entire patient base. We request you to adhere to community guidelines by not uploading any gore pictures.
What are community guidelines?
We request the doctors to avoid posting any content, material, pictures which maybe offensive in nature, that may include but not limited to operation photographs, patient body parts, internal organs etc. Our security team is vigil and any reported content will be removed from the platform.
We request you to claim evidence based therapy and treatments only on the platform. You will be responsible for outcomes caused by your advice.
Please keep checking this area for updates in community guidelines.
Will OneZoey support me in developing content?
If you have any information that you wish to share with your patients in more presentable manner, OneZoey media team will be happy to support you, you can write to us with details of content and more at , with Subject line as Content Support, Our support team will get in touch with you to explore more.
Is my data safe?
Yes, OneZoey uses very advanced safety system which encrypts all your data making it very difficult to breach. You can re-visit our terms of use to know more about the same.
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