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OneZoey app will also track your routine workouts
Connect and Track, Connect with Your Google Fit, Apple Health Kit and/or selected range of Wearable devices that will measure all your activities and calorie burn. Be Fit and Motivate others. Control your intake with the food tracker and measure your outgo with activity stacker. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.
Get health related tips from popular Doctors & Institutes
Now, With OneZoey, you can always stay connected with your doctor and preferred institutes. This allows them to provide you with the latest health trends and treatment information and keeps you upto date. And You always have access to OneZoey's very own Health information to know more.
Let the OneZoey App care about your Medicine reminder
Never miss your medicine, eat them and Always complete the course. OneZoey's medicine reminder makes sure that you take care of your medicine intake. It also connects with your doctor so you can always get new prescription or change immediately.
Set Goals, Add Activities, Earn Rewards in your tracker
We believe in Life and more in Health Life, it is our endeavor that every OneZoey user gets to be more active & healthier. You can now use OneZoey to promote a healthy life style and stand a chance to receive special rewards for it. Be ready for a surprise!
see how it works
See how OneZoey works
OneZoey essentially reiterates the fact of Onelife and works in the direction of elongating and enriching the human life. Good Health is of utmost importance if you wish to make maximum of your life. Check the Video to see what we do.
For Doctor
OneZoey is Your one step practise management tool.
For Institutes
Click Here to be Part of OneZoey Network Institute.
Safety & Security
OneZoey uses high level of security and encryption.
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